the one with the dust i have labeled,, for scientific purposes only,, and not because i like to name the little ones,, nope,, it be called 'rocky' for obvious reasons,, and just as obvious is the others name after bull durham of course bull was a bit bigger and further ahead from the get go, but just a touch,, so we shall see.....these two clones, along with a third twin,, ????were cloned three weeks ago today,, and all three have already been topped,, these two today.

Zondag 17 december tijdens de kerstmarkt komen Henk en Tati hun nieuwste album Jan Jammerdan deel 6 signeren bij stripboekhandel de Noorman.

Zij zorgen voor de gezelligheid en wij zorgen voor een hapje en een drankje.

The group has been working together since 2000 and they have released four studio albums with material dating back to the nineties.

Musically, oh Gr's sound is progressed from synthpop to a more aggressive sounding electro-industrial.

A brief tour of the United States west coast and Canada took place to support the disc.

oh Gr's live performances are very similar to that of Skinny Puppy in the way of heavy usage of multimedia, gothic steampunk imagery, theatrical and cinematic effects.

Most, if not all, the Olby birth, marriage and death registrations in England and Wales are probably the descendants of Robert Olby and Francis Overed who married at St Andrew and St Peter, Blofield, NFK on 8th March 1790.

An archived copy of a site that is no longer available. Part of a Ph D project compiling pedigrees of all people who were married in the Wiltshire parishes of Stourton and Kilmington in the period 1754-1914, and certain linked families in the nearby market town of Mere.

i have two afghani 'normal' seeds in the mail, as well a freshly transplanted lemon haze2, a super clone as well, with roots out to the side of the cup, no need to search for them,, some colapsation occurred whilst planting but should be ok.