When i say all of the time I don't mean every weekend, I mean everyday.My graduation service ended at 2 on Friday the sixth 2008 in Manitowoc at Lincoln High School.Earning them back meant receiving a call around midnight every night.

The need for the ordinance arose after convicted sex offender Mark R.

Rickert, who is not from Manitowoc, was placed within the city.

Theresa Flores was 15 years old when she was sex trafficked. While living in the suburbs of Detroit, she developed a crush on a boy at the local high school. Red flags went off in her head as he made a wrong turn out of the school parking lot, drove to his house and asked her if she wanted to come in. However, his next words made her ignore the red flags.“It only took three words,” she said at a TED talk in 2011.

She went to church regularly and had a loving family. As he was promoted, their family moved to different states every two years.

She was snuck in side doors and down into basements where multiple men were waiting for her.

After she was done, she was taken back home, went back to bed and woke up a few hours later for school.In 2015, there have been 1,345 cases reported nationwide, according to the National Human Trafficking Resource. Wisconsin is ranked fifth in the nation in number of human trafficking cases, according to Nancy Irizarry, the chairman of the Wisconsin Anti-Human Trafficking Consortium, a diverse team committed to addressing the problem of human trafficking in Wisconsin.Irizarry explains Wisconsin is ranked in the top five for several reasons.Irizarry said members of communities can help victims of human trafficking by educating themselves and others, as well as caring for the kids in their own home.“Practice safety in the community,” Irizarry said. Make sure your children are safe.”Irizarry recommends familiarizing oneself with the local sexual assault service providers and even food banks and local homeless shelters so a community member can point someone who needs help in the right direction.Every attendee of the Community Church’s conference on Aug.Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac.“Most human trafficking victims are getting that kind of support and support groups from their local sexual assault service providers because those start teams in those different counties are really kind of tackling the issue from a sexual violence standpoint,” Irizarry said.