Existing law authorizes payment of Cal WORKs aid to a nonminor dependent placed in the approved home of a relative, as specified, if the nonminor dependent is involved in certain educational or employment activities.

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This bill would revise the definition of mutual agreement, by specifying the criteria of these agreements applicable to nonminor dependents, and nonminor former dependents and wards, who are in receipt of Kin-GAP and AFDC-FC payments, respectively.

The bill also would make conforming changes to related provisions and definitions.

This bill would also make clarifying changes to reflect that the dependency court may retain jurisdiction over a nonminor in long-term foster care or a planned permanent living arrangement as a nonminor dependent.

Existing law governs the placement of children who are or who may be Indian children, as specified.

The bill would expand the definition of a relative for purposes of the federally funded Kin-GAP program.

The bill also would revise various definitions applicable to the AFDC-FC program relating to nonminor dependents and transitional housing services.

The bill would specify that certain health and education information required to be provided for a foster child would only be provided with respect to a nonminor dependent with his or her written consent.

This bill would extend access to public health nursing services under the statewide child welfare services program, and designated placement services and family reunification services to nonminor dependents, as specified.

By increasing duties of county welfare departments, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Existing law requires a court that continues dependency jurisdiction with respect to a nonminor dependent to order development of a planned permanent living arrangement, under a mutual agreement, as defined.

This bill would include THP-Plus Foster Care within the definition of a community care facility for purposes of the Community Care Facilities Act.