Her dating history is something that everyone is too much eager to know.

Check out her past relationships and affairs…As indicated by whosdatedwho, Foxy Brown was once in a relationship with American rapper Jay-Z.

That fact that he felt he needed to say that, that means that something struck something. The salacious rumor that started it all was the report that the .

Foxy and Nas had a very friendly relationship while working as well as in personal life.

Everyone wonder how did Foxy get involved in a relationship with Jay-Z and Nas in around 1996-1998.

At age of Sixteen (16), she worked on her debut solo album.

Now her name is enlisting among unmatched rappers of this era.

News got sparked away when there were numerous rumors about their sexual relationship in the 90's.

She also claimed that Jay-Z took her virginity while she was underage. She revealed that Jay-Z is attracted towards gay sex.At same time she argues that she and her baby father asked for privacy.Career: A part from singing she also made a name as a model as well as an actress. Besides the career and personal life, she was alleged for some legal issues.The Jay I know, the Shawn I know never comes out of character. My cousin Clark Kent, we’re gonna be all the way real, Clark Kent is the reason we are all on and that is my blood cousin. Have you ever heard Foxy dissin’ Jay or Jay dissin’ Foxy? So we’re gonna wait 15 years later and just come out the blue. It’s scary, it’s crazy.” Despite the swirling negativity, Foxy hopes that she and Jay can one day collaborate again on a track, now that she’s back in the studio working on her new album, which she hopes to drop around Christmas.So for that…and that’s my point, that’s where the tears came from earlier because people don’t understand that it does affect people more than you think. The reason behind we claiming so is; Jay and Nas are one time biggest rivals.