I’ve always wanted to date a transgendered woman, and I was wondering… ” Read the rest of this article in Frock Magazine, by clicking here Katie has been working in journalism since 1990 and having had a bit of a career in broadcasting she eventually went into online journalism in the early 2000's, running the popular 'Tranny Tribune' newsletter back when Tranny was still a nice word.Since then she has risen to the dizzying heights of Editor of Frock Magazine, which she helped to start in 2009.

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On a romantic level, I don't tink I would ever be able to be emotionally involved with somebody - but I would certainly be friends with somebody.hyacinth1974 on 6/7/2007 1052 PM Subject: girls do you like crossdressers Message: Not really.

It doesn't excite me in any way, if that's what you mean.

Even with martial counseling, the prospect of having a husband who has a femme identity and a storage locker filled with woman’s clothing is too much to handle for a wife who is not open minded.

In many cases, revealing you are a cross-dresser is the final stance in a troubled marriage.

Many cross-dressers are divorced after many years of marriage.

It may be their first or second marriage, most have kids and some even have grandchildren.

For these reasons, there is a growing population of divorced cross-dressers.

Divorce is difficult for anyone who has gone through it.

Paul wants to do it right this time, no longer keeping his femme side a secret and telling this potential love interest the truth from the beginning. Yet, dating a cross-dresser is a new experience for most women and because cross-dressers have had this secret society, women don’t understand them and think they are all transgender people wanting to transition into a woman, as if they are all Bruce Jenner’s.

Yet, he has found that this continues to be a challenge for him to find the right woman. Here are some concerns women have when dating a cross-dresser and some tips for dealing with these issues: So, how does a cross-dresser find love? Being upfront and honest, along with being comfortable with your own self-identity goes a long way in finding a mate.

It still wasn’t enough for her and they ended up getting divorced. His femme side, Maggie, is a bigger part of his life now that he is free to be out, without repercussion from his wife.